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Business overdraft
For the small business and freelancers

Provide comfort for your business against any extraordinary expenses with our overdraft!

Our facility will enable you to use:

flexible financing of your current needs up to set limits and term, wide application of overdraft,long-term repayment, payment of interest only on drawdownsa quick initial assessment with a minimum number of application documentsindividual drawdown and repayment plan of your choice,no business plan and supporting documents,opportunity to apply online.

Parameters of loan:
  • purpose - financing of your operating expenses or refinancing of other W/C loans
  • amount and currency - up to BGN 500,000 or their EUR equivalent amounting up to 40% of your net sales or credit turnovers according to your customer profile
  • interest rate - an opportunity to negotiate discounts on loan fees and interest,
  • repayment term - up to 12 months with an optional prolongation up to 10 years
  • security - any collateral acceptable to the Bank (incl. surety, movable property or receivables)
  • drawdown - in a series of draws during the agreed period,
  • repayment - automatically from receivables on your current account with the Bank
  • fees and charges - under the Tariff for business customers.

Terms of the loan - good credit history and servicing by the Bank.