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Line of credit

For small businesses and

Expand the potential of your business with our favorable credit lines!

We offer you:

flexible financing and long-term planning of your business,widely used loan to meet your needs,quick initial assessment, with minimum documents required,longer repayment period,opportunity for choosing optimum repayment termsrenewal of loan term,no business plan and cash flow projections, andopportunity to apply online.

Line_of_CreditCredit line parameters:
  • purpose of the loan - financing of working capital (purchase of goods or raw materials), or refinancing of another W/C facility
  • amount and currency of the loan - up to BGN 500,000 or their equivalent in euros amounting to 40% of the net sales,
  • interest rate - as per the Interest rate bulletin of the Bank,
  • repayment terms - 60 months depending on the type of collateral, with decreasing monthly installments
  • collateral - any collateral acceptable for the Bank (incl. surety, movable property or receivables,
  • draw-down terms - repeatedly throughout the agreed period, and
  • repayment - acc. to the agreed plan to reduce the credit limit or bullet repayment.

Requirements - good credit history and servicing by the Bank.

Online loan application (available in Bulgarian)

Application documents: