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МasterCard Gold and MasterCard Gold Flexy

MasterCard Gold  & MasterCard Gold  Flexy,
'cause life doesn't wait for you.....

Sometimes you need financial freedom to make the most of life.
Do not wait - our gold credit card will give you the needed breath of fresh air through flexible repayment schedules, high credit limits and security of leading-edge technology, as well as a number of additional privileges and VIP services worldwide.

Contact us and we will offer you a prestigious MasterCard Gold credit card.

Our gold credit card maintains a contactless feature for convenient and fast shopping at retailers, by tapping the card to a POS terminal, marked with the PayPass symbol, and a loyalty program MasterCard Premium to enjoy exclusive offers on travel, shopping and other special proposals.

With MasterCard Gold you can:

  •  Get access to the money in your account anytime, anywhere – easy, comfortable and secure;
  •  Withdraw money from more than a million ATMs or cash advances at home and abroad or purchase goods via 18 million POS merchant terminals;
  •  Get an interest-free loan for purchasing up to 45-day grace period if fully repay your obligations:
              - in stores,
              - on the internet,
              - rent-a-car,
              - to book tourist services, airfares and hotels all over the world;
  • Pay with the card's contactless functionality, with maximum comfort and faster at retailers via POS terminals marked with the PayPass symbol;
  • Purchase safely online through the innovative service of MasterCard 3D Secure;
  • Choose a card in BGN or in EUR;
  • Increase the available amount on your card over the credit limit by lodging money to your card account;
  • Take advantage of the privileges granted by the loyalty program MasterCard Premium by registering to it to get:
             - Permanent offers for travel, gourmet experiences and shopping privileges;
             - Exceptional amenities in the special lounges of many international airports;
             - Other special offers.
  • You have a high credit limit and higher transaction limits.
  • Use insurance package with high cover as described in the Transaction limits for using the international card MC Business/MC Gold.
  • Get the option to pay 0% interest to the Bank, once covering fully your obligations from the previous reported period on the maturity date, OR pay 0% interest for transactions at retailers by repaying the amounts due at any time, when having the Flexy version (items 6 & 7) of MasterCard Gold.
  • Be issued additional cards for your family, by setting individual transaction limits.
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs or cash advances worldwide.
  • Purchase goods using a grace period of up to 45 days if you repay in full your debt on the settlement date.
  • Pay your utility bills (electricity, phone, heating, water, etc.) via an ATM through B-Pay and ePay on the internet;
  • Register for D Info facility to follow down the online transactions with your card;
  • You get free SMS / E-mail notification online for each operation at an ATM / POS, as well as for lodgements and transfers, statements, amounts due and repayment terms;
  • Our high-tech chip cards give you a high degree of protection against any abuses.

The parameters of the card:
  • The validity of MasterCard Gold is 36 months.
  • The currency for your card is either BGN or EUR.
  • The limits offered are up to BGN 50 000/25 000 EUR.
  • The interest rate:
             - 16.00% / 17.75% for cards in BGN - on the drawn-down part of the loan  for purchases or cash operations;
             - 15.50% / 17.25% for cards in EUR - on the drawn-down part of the loan for  purchases /or cash operations;
  • Follow this link to know the Transaction limits.
  • Maturity - an option to choose either the standard repayment plans under which the statement is generated on every 10th, 20th and 30th day of the month subsequent to maturity, or on 25th, 5th and 15th day of the month, and also the option for daily repayment of the debt incurred, without waiting for the concrete maturity date.
  • Repayment can be performed online via our internet banking D Bank online, also in cash, or by a bank transfer.

We offer you MasterCard Gold under the following terms:
  • Free issuance of the card;
  • No fees on merchant POS transactions;
  • free monthly statement via email / receiving in an office;
  • free international travel and medical insurance;
  • free registration for SMS notification and SMS balance check;
  • free E-mail notification;
  • preferential fee during the first year of the card.
If you lose your card or it gets stolen, call us immediately to block it on +359 2 46 41 171 during office hours,
and on +359 2 870 51 49 or +359 2 970 26 00 out of office hours.

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