Term deposits
VIP Deposit


Turn your goals into reality!

It's easier to reach your savings goals when you have the right account. We'll help you obtain this, if you choose our new VIP deposit with promotional interest rates.

You can get high interest rates up to 1.05% for your funds, which you can either deposit in cash of make a transfer after May, 1st, 2017.

Interest rates:

You can also:

  • choose a term, that fits best your savings plans - six or twelve months;
  • make additional lodgements, not exceeding the initially deposited amount, while accruing the same high interest on them;
  • follow down your investment online, or
  • collateralise your deposit for loan deals with the Bank,

You may terminate your deposit prior to its maturity date, while the interest rate in this case shall be identical to the one accrued on a payment account.

Our VIP deposit offers greater yield for your savings and VIP self-confidence!

For more information about our new interest rates on deposit and savings contracts you may visit the Bank's Interest Rates Bulletin for individuals or our offices.

Your savings with D Bank are guaranteed by the Bulgarian deposit guarantee fund as stipulated by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Act, up to BGN 196 000.

Data current as of May, 2nd, 2017.