D Commerce Bank is an established partner of the agricultural business with professional knowledge of its specifics offering complete solutions and individual approach.
We know how important timely financing with precise and transparent conditions is and we are bond together from the beginning to the success of your campaigns.
We offer customized package offer of specialized loan programs to finance all activities and stages of agricultural production:

Agricultural credit against subsidies

• Fast procedure of analysis and assessment of the borrower
• No application fee
• No fee for early repayment of funds from the subsidy received
• Financing up to 100% of the expected subsidies
• No documentary proof of expenses needed
• No monthly service fee for the account into which subsidies are transferred
• Bonus - credit card with a limit of up to 3% of the loan amount

Credit for the purchase of agricultural land

• Pre-approved limit, which provides security at the conclusion of separate contracts for land purchase
• Replacement of the variable costs of rent with scheduled payments
• Mortgage of the newly purchased land
• Long term repayment

Credit to finance European projects

• A high percentage of funding for investment - up to 90% of the value of the investment project
• Minimum amount of down payment - 10%
• Preferential lower levels of interest rates, fees and commissions
• Combination of loans to finance the investment, payment of VAT and issuance of bank guarantee for advance payment
• No fee for early repayment of funds from the subsidy received
• Individual repayment schedule tailored to the specific project and business needs

Option to provide loans with collateral - a guarantee from the National Guarantee Fund.

Besides financing for your agricultural projects, we offer full banking services necessary to ensure your work as farmers - individuals registered as agricultural producers, cooperatives, legal entities and sole traders.

More detailed information can be obtained at any of  our offices or to apply online.
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