A bank card is an electronic payment instrument, which allows you to access your bank account and to make payments of goods and services through POS (points of sale), to withdraw money (cash) at anytime on ATMs, to pay various bills via Maestro debit card(electricity, central heating, water, mobile phones) and others services (for e.g. change of PIN code, check the balance on your card account, reloading of prepaid phone cards).

Our Bank is the first one within the system of Borika (the local 3rd party processor), that is certified by MasterCard  for introducing cards with a protection chip technology of latest generation, known as DDA. The integrated smart chip in D Bank’s MasterCard and Maestro cards is virtually impossible to be duplicated, as the client’s information is encrypted and engineered to be tamper resistant, guaranteeing maximum protection and security on a daily basis.
However, unlike the previous type of cards (magnetic striped), entering your PIN code is required, when paying at merchants with the chip ones.

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