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Standard consumer loan


Our consumer loan is for those who intend to buy everything: appliances or furniture, a car or a computer, for recreation and learning, or to refinance their current loans.

Your advantages:

  • favorable and transparent terms with a fixed interest rate during the first year and a floating rate for the loan remainder,
  • select one of the currency options - BGN or EUR,
  • quick and easy procedure for granting the loan, and
  • No penalty fee for pre-term repayment.

Maximum maturity term: up to 120 months

Maximum loan amount: up to BGN 30,000 (or euro equivalent), depending on your income

Who is it for: for local citizens, who live and receive their income in this country.

Loan amount - up to BGN 30,000 (or euro equivalent) depending on your income (net of taxes and insurance) and the collateral offered.

Collateral -

  • pledge on current and future receivables - salary, pension or receipts in accounts with the Bank amounting to 150% of the monthly payments on the loan and / or
  • a guarantee in compliance with the loan amount.

Interest rates: we offer attractive and transparent rate terms - a fixed rate over the first year and a floating one for the loan remainder, in line with the market indices of 6-months SOFIBOR / 6-months EURIBOR plus a margin, in compliance with the Interest Rate Bulletin on individual loans.

The interest rates are as follows:

  • BGN loans bear from 8,0% to 10,5%, and
  • EUR loans are accrued from 7,5% to 10,0%,

depending on your commitment to transfer your salary to the Bank, or any other income amounting to 150% of the loan monthly installment and to pay two utilities at least via your account.

Fees and commissions:

  • No fees and commissions in partial or full preterm payment of the loan,
  • fee for loan application review and approval of the loan - 0,5%, min. BGN 50,
  • Monthly fee for maintenance of the loan payment account - BGN 1,00,
  • All other fees are in compliance with the Bank's Tariff for fees and commissions.

Documents required:

  • Consumer loan application,
  • Declaration to the loan application for the applicant (or guarantor, if applicable)
  • Consent for transferring salary / Certificate of income of the applicant,
  • ID card of the loan applicant (or co-debtor guarantors, if applicable).

APR would be
8,36% for a loan amounting to BGN 15 000 for a period of 84 months at 8,0% fixed interest rate for the first year and a floating rate for the remaining term formed by 6-Sofibor + margin and fees due.

The above data are current to June 2015.