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Consumer loans secured with a mortgage


For small and big plans ...

If you need a larger loan at attractive interest rate and a longer repayment period, collateralized by a real estate, our consumer loan, secured with a mortgage, is just the facility you need.

You can use the loan about the following:

  • for buying furniture or a car, for refurbishment, for paying  tuition fees or covering your current needs, or
  • for refinancing your current debts.

Advantages of the loan:

  • longer maturity (20 years)
  • transparent and competitive interest throughout the life of the loan - fixed rate for the first year and a floating one for the remaining period,
  • aligned interest rates for loans denominated in euro,
  • more favorable interest rates on payroll transfer to the Bank, use of credit card MasterCard Standard, and payment of at least two utilities per month,
  • facilitated procedure for granting the loan.

Loan currency: option in BGN or in EUR

Repayment terms: from 5 to 20 years at your choice


Interest rate: your loan is accrued with 5.9% fixed interest rate over the first year and a floating rate for the remaining period, formed by 6-months Sofibor* + a margin for BGN loans or 6-month EURIBOR* and a margin for EUR loan.
For loans granted with a clause of limited liability up to amount of the security according to the Consumer Loan Act (Art. 11, para. 5), the annual interest shall be increased by 1 percentage point.

Currency of the loan - BGN or EUR
Repayment terms - from 5 to 20 years at your choice

Collateral - a mortgage on completely finished residential or non-residential properties with Act 16.

Maximum loan amount - up to 75% of the value of the mortgaged property.

Repayment - with annuity or decreasing monthly installment.

* Follow these links to get more information about Sofibor and Euribor market indices - and or from our archive data.

Fees and commissions:

  • review and approval fee of the mortgage loan: BGN 100,
  • no preterm repayment fee, when effected after the payment of the first twelve installments of the loan contract,
  • when pre-term repayment is made during the payment period of the first twelve installments, the fee will be 1%,
  • no fees to the Bank for registering a mortgage,
  • no fee for preparing the draft notary mortgage deed.

APR (annual percentage rate) for a loan of BGN 50 000 will be 6.31% (incl. annual servicing fee for your credit card, monthly servicing fee for your payment account and a fee for two utility payments per month), 240 months maturity, with a fixed rate of 5.9% during the first year and a variable rate of 5.9% for the remaining period, when your salary is transferred to the Bank, a credit card  issued, and payment of two utilities per month are effected, then the total amount due on the loan would be BGN 86 856.12 and the monthly payment would BGN 355,34.

Pursuant to the pricing terms of the floating interest rate on "Our Home" housing loan, based on the rates of the reference indices from 1st Sep., 2016 till 28th Feb., 2017 for newly extended loans are as follows:
  • six-months Sofibor: +0,353, and
  • six-month Euribor:   -0,192.

You can obtain more details about this facility from our offices.

Valid as of Sep., 2016.