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shopping_1An overdraft on your debit card account is a loan facility, allowing you to exceed repeatedly your account balance up to a preliminary approved credit limit. After a repayment (fully or partially) and during the maturity term you can utilize again your credit limit. An overdraft facility can be disbursed to the Bank’s clients, who have a valid debit card issued by the Bank. An individual approach is applied  to financial status estimation to overdraft applicants.


The overdraft could be collateralized by:

A pledge on salary or other payment

A pledge on deposit or state securities

A suretyship

A mortgage

Overdraft limit

up to two net salaries or one pension

up to 90% of the value of a real estate

up to 90% of a pledged deposit/securities


up to 12 months in case of suretyship

up to 60 months in case of mortgage

up to 84 months in case of pledged deposit/securities

Interest rates

EUR 11,50 %

BGN 12,50 %

USD 13,00 %

Fees - according to the Bank's Tariff.

Find more information about this facility from out Loan interest rates bulletin.

Notification to customers of the Bank for amendments to the individual loan contracts (in Bulgarian only)

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