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Working capital loan

krediti_oborotni_sredstvaThe working capital loan of D Bank will provide you the opportunity to use a credit line with a revolving limit, an overdraft facility or a loan with a preliminarily approved repayment schedule. The WC loan maximum maturity is 60 months. 

Main advantages:

  • Minimum documents needed;
  • An opportunity for partial or total repayment  at any time for optimizing the interest expenses;
  • An opportunity for renewed applying for funds on an annual basis;
  • Disbursement in various currencies to facilitate the import and export of your business;
  • An opportunity for contracting fixed interest rates.

Loan interest rate:

  • The interest rate levels are determined on BIRC* base (the Bank's Basic Interest Rate for Corporates) in the relevant currency plus an add-on;
  • The interest rate is set on an individual basis, depending on the customer’s repayment capacity (solvency). Upon submitting a high liquidity collateral, lower interest rates are agreed.
* BIRC of D Bank has the following values:
- BIRC for EUR credit faclities - 4,921%,
- BIRC for BGN loan facilities - 7,949%, and
- BIRC for USD loan facilities - 3,4575%.

Repayment: scheduled on a flexible basis in compliance with the customer’s needs and abilities, by choosing between three repayment options:

an overdraft facility,

a credit line or

a loan with repayment installments.

Online loan application (available in Bulgarian)

Documents for applying for a loan facility: