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Payment via local internet (

With your Maestro debit card you can make various payments on the Internet by using the Bulgarian payment service provider - or

In order to make a payment in the above mentioned site the following has to be done:

You have to register with the payment service provider (, and then to register a bank card to make payments with.

You will receive a unique Client Identification Number (CIN). It is public and  is used for merchants to identify their clients.

As a registered client you will receive a User name, Password and/or digital certificate  to enter the system with. They are personal and must be kept in secret.

Important notice: Cardholders should never reveal their cards’ PIN, which they have received from the bank together with the card. No bank employee or service provider will ever ask you for this PIN.

Key feature or the system is that the merchant gets no access to sensitive information about the client or his card. The system only indicates the merchant, that a registered client with a given CIN has made a successful payment in his favor.

A card needs to pass a single registration in the provider’s system before it becomes active. This information is kept encrypted on a server, which is not connected directly to the Internet, and is related to the CIN. During payment, the client orders the system to debit his card in merchant’s favor. The client can then choose which card to use, if more than one is registered and activated.

When a card is used for payment on a virtual POS terminal, the system sends an authorization request to BORICA national card operator, which contains information about the POS of the merchant, information about the card and the amount of the transaction. BORICA then processes the information in the request and returns a reply to the system if the payment is successful or rejected. The system then forwards a confirmation of the transaction to the merchant.