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Investment loans

Investment loans are long-term financial instruments providing a more secure planning. Investment loans are used for corporate projects financing, for long-term/fixed assets purchasing, real estates, construction works. The repayment installments are preliminarily contracted for the the loan life. The maximum maturity term is 120 months, including the grace period, which varies between 6 and 120 months.

The special, partial or overall repayments can be accomplished at any time after paying of the preliminarily negotiated fees.

Loan interest rate:

  • The interest rate levels are determined on BIRC* base (the Bank's Basic Interest Rate for Corporates) in the relevant currency plus an add-on;
  • The interest rate is set on an individual basis, depending on the customer’s repayment capacity (solvency). Upon submitting a high liquidity collateral, lower interest rates are agreed.
* BIRC of D Bank has the following values:
- BIRC for EUR credit faclities - 4,921%,
- BIRC for BGN loan facilities - 7,949%, and
- BIRC for USD loan facilities - 3,4575%.

Repayment: in accordance with the loan contract.

Online loan application (available in Bulgarian)

Application documents: