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D Bank+ Demand Deposit

Our special offer

You deposit, then you draw, and you gain after all!

D Commerce Bank is offering you its facility "D Bank+" Demand Deposit,
which shall enable you to perform the following:

flexible and guaranteed increase of your yield on your funds, depending on the amount placed and its retention period with the Bank;

withdraw and redeposit amounts from your account with no limitation, while the interest is updated in compliance with the new lodgement as stated below;

order and get transfers with no limitations;

manage your funds on-line.

Term: on demand

Deposit currency: BGN & EUR

Minimum amount: BGN 100 or EUR50

Annual interest ratе:

This deposit bears interest on a daily basis, which is paid out by the calendar year-end and at deposit's close-down as well. The interest rate accrued complies with the deposit daily balance.

Documents required: your personal identity document for opening and operating with the deposit, and for authorized persons – a notary registered power of attorney.

1. To have your deposit as a security for other deals with the Bank as loans, overdraft facilities, etc.
2. No fees and commissions for opening of the deposit.

For more information about our new interest rates on deposit and savings contracts you may visit the Bank's Interest Rates Bulletin for individual clients.

Your savings with D Bank are guaranteed by the Bulgarian deposit guarantee fund as stipulated by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Act, up to BGN 196 000.  

Data current as of October, 21st, 2017.

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