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Mastercard international debit cards with DDA chip

Anywhere, anytime and in any local currency!  DBank_MasterCard_Individuals

Have you got your debit card MasterCard  Business from D Bank?

And now it is more reliable than ever - with a protection chip technology. The integrated smart chip in D Bank’s MasterCard and Maestro cards is virtually impossible to be duplicated, as the client’s information is encrypted and engineered to be tamper resistant, guaranteeing maximum protection and security on a daily basis.
However, unlike the previous type of cards (magnetic striped), entering your PIN code is required, when paying at merchants with the chip ones.

With your card you can get the following:

  1. Get access to the money in your account anytime, anywhere – easy, comfortable and secure.
  2. Withdraw money from more than 900 thousand ATMs or cash advances in Bulgaria and abroad and purchase goods in 18 million POS merchant terminals.
  3. Buy goods in stores or use it for transactions on the internet.
  4. Make reservations for tourist services, airplane tickets, hotels or rent-a-car all over the world.
  5. Receive your salary, pension or scholarship directly in your MasterCard card.
  6. Give additional cards for people who are close to you and set your own individual transactions limits.


No fee for the card issuance,

No fees on merchant POS transactions,

Optional credit overdraft,

Free monthly statement via e-mail,

High transaction limits for your operations locally and abroad,

Free traveler and medical insurance,

Free registration for the services SMS notification and SMS balance check.

You can choose between BGN, EUR or USD currencies for your card

The validity of the card is 24 moths.

How much it will cost you?

Free issuance of the card,

No maintenance fee for the card account,

No fees on merchant POS transactions in Bulgaria and abroad,

Annual card fee according to the card brand

Recently D Bank has introduced its MasterCard Standard cards with a new feature - an innovative and useful mobile payment apps for shopping in stores, gas stations, fast food restaurants, cafes, internet, drawing cash from an ATM and more. It lets you pay by tapping your D Bank MasterCard to any merchant checkouts, marked with the PayPass symbol, and payment is on the way for a few seconds, followed by a confirming light and sound signal from the device, while the card never leaves the cardholder’s hand so he is always in control. In Bulgaria PayPass payments up to BGN25 are processed withount entering your PIN code, while for payments, exceeding this amount, are made in the familiar way - by entering a PIN.

Payments on the internet are secured by 3D Secure facility of D Bank / MasterCard, and customers can enjoy also D Info facility (SMS/e-mail notification) for following down each purchase made in a shop. Due to the encrypted chip, the communication link between the card and the terminal is fully protected against fraudulent transactions. The Bank will issue debit and credit MasterCard Standard cards, applied after April 21, 2016, with the new contactless functionality, and also in
the case of automatic renewal or reissuance prior to the expiry date.

Who is intended MasterCard for?

For every one over 18 years of age, who has an identity card – students, worker or retired people, or for officers of your company with transaction limits set by yourself.

 The application documents needed are as follows:

Application for card  issuance,

Identity card,

If you happen to lose your card or it gets stolen, call us immediately to block it on +359 2 46 41 171 during working hours and on +359 2 870 51 49 or +359 2 970 2 600 after working hours.

 Documents (in Bulgarian only):

- Application form

- General terms untill June 21st 2016

- General terms as of June 21st 2016

- Tariff (section ІV)

- MasterCard Standard transaction limits

- MasterCard Business transaction limits

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