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Paid-up capital
Capital of a company, the total amount actually paid up on the issued capital. This amount is equal to the amount of the issued capital less the value of calls in arrears.

A person or company, whose name is on a cheque and are to be paid the ordered amount.

PIN Code
Personal identification number – a secret four-digit code to a bank card, used for identifying the card when effecting transactions on an ATM or POS terminals by its holder. The code is not being disclosed to other persons in view of avoiding any forgery and it has the power of an electronic signature. In case the cardholder forgets his/her PIN, a new card is to be issued.

Promissory note
A formal document in writing, containing an unconditional  engagement, signed by the person making the note, to pay a certain amount of money on a certain date, or to the order of  a сcertain named person, or to the bearer of the document.