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IBAN (International Bank Account Number)

Standard international bank account code in EU. It has been introduced as obligatory in Bulgaria since 2006 for local and international payments.

A device for effecting payments for goods and services at a trader or for drawing cash by using a bank card off-line. Contrary to the POS terminal, where the information on the magnetic tape is used, for im-printer payments an embossed print is made of the bank card.

Being in debt or owing money.

Investment loan
Loan for reconstruction, construction or refurbishment of buildings or purchase of equipment.

Placing of money so that it will increase in value and produce an income (either in an asset, such as building, or by purchasing shares, placing money on deposits, etc.)

Irrevocable letter of credit
Letter of credit, which cannot be cancelled or changed.

Issuing bank
A Bank, which is licensed by BNB or the relevant international card organization to issue bank cards.