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Effective annual yield

Actual annual incomes shown as a percentage after adjustments have been made.

Effective currency rate
Currency rate for measurement the value of a currency by comparing a “currency basket” to the basic currency rate, calculated as a weighted average value of the currency rate, introduced as an index.

Effective interest rate
Real interest on a loan or deposit.

Having the cardholder’s data with raised printing (esp. by pressing) on his card, for making mechanical imprint of the data, when accepting the card from a trader.

Internet based system for card payments to local traders of utility bills, commodities or services from commercial internet sites. www.ePay.bg (menu “Traders”) contains a list of traders accepting bank cards.

A payment system for utility bills (electricity, water, central heating, telephone and information on the balance account) effected with a bank card through a phone.

Exchange rate
Price at which bills or foreign currency is exchanged for another.