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Act of signing a bill of exchange, by adding the word “accepted”, to show that the debtor agrees to pay it.

Accepting bank
A bank, accepting card payments on an ATM, POS terminal, Im-printer or other units.

Money paid back on bank loan, incl. the principal and the interest due. Annuity payments are equal in size and repaid in equal periods (on a monthly, quarterly, six-month and annual periods).

Property of a company, posted in its Balance Sheet. Assets are tangible and intangible (financial, immovables, machines and equipment, inventory, licenses, software, etc.).

Authorization of a bank card transaction
A process verifying the opportunity to effect a bank card transaction in terms of the card validity, sufficient amounts on the card account (for debit cards) or authorized limits (for credit cards), daily and weekly draw limits, correct PIN code.

Guarantee (warrant) on a bill on which the guarantor undertakes the engagement for its discharge to its issuers.

Automated Teller Machine (Ref. bankomat).