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Letter of Credit
Letter from a bank authorizing payment of a certain sum to a person or company (beneficiary) upon submission of papers verifying the L/C terms

Letter of Credit Account
A bank account for payments effected by the client to a third party, who is duly authorized to get the amounts paid, when observing certain terms, as set in the L/C.

Agreed amount granted to a borrower under contracted terms and interest rate. Loans can also be effected in the form of a bill of exchange, promissory notes, and commercial instruments, similar to bills.

Lent amount of money, granted by a bank or a financial institution to an individual or a company under contracted terms of repayment and security. The loan can be a credit, revolving, overdraft facility or other form.

Loan capital
Part of company's capital which is a loan from an outside source and which has to be repaid at a later date; this can be also issued bills.

Loan contract
Agreement with a bank for granting a loan facility (amount) to a borrower under contracted terms, while the borrower shall utilize the extended amount as agreed and shall repay it in due time together with the accrued interest.

Loan interest
Interest paid by a borrower to a lender on the money granted in the form of a loan facility.

Loan Principal
The net amount of a loan, lended by a bank, on which interest is accrued.

Local debit card
A debit card, issued by a local bank and which can be used only on the territory of Bulgaria.

Long-term loan
Loan which will be repaid in more than three-years term.