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Global communications network - Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications – for exchange of financial information on transfers, L/C, bank guarantees, checks, operations, etc.

Secondary market
Market where existing securities are traded repeatedly as opposed to primary market, where new issues are launched.

A bill, verifying the holder’s right of ownership of the company’s capital. The share gives a voting right, right on dividend of the distributed profits, and on a liquidation quota in case the company is closed. Shares are registered, dematerialized, and of a bearer.

Person who owns shares in a company.

Shareholding company
A company, whose capital is invested in shares by its shareholders. The company’s profit is distributed among the shareholders (dividends) in compliance with the number of their shares.

Short-term loan
Loan usu. with one-year maturity term.

Sight (Demand) deposit
Bank deposit that can be withdrawn on demand or transferred to another account with no special notice.

Smart card
Credit card with a microchip, used as a substitute of the magnet tape and having larger memory for storing more data and information allowing its holder to participate in promotions based on the effected payments with the card. The chip has more applications – the same card can be used as a bank credit card, an access card or for storing medical information about its holder. Smart card transactions are more reliable as chips can be hardly forged.

Spot date
Current day when partners (economic agents) pay for and get currency for trading.

Stock Еxchange
Special, organized whole-sale trading of standard stocks or shares, bonds, gold, foreign currency, etc.

Code of 8 to 11 digits – SWIFT BIC (SWIFT Bank Identifier Code, which is unique for any bank, member of the Society fro Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications – S.W.I.F.T.