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Dear Customers,

As of March, 1st till August, 31st 2017 (for 6M SOFIBOR and 6M EURIBOR) and from March, 1st, 2017 till February, 28th, 2018 (for 12M EURIBOR) the Bank shall apply the following values ​​of the reference indices for individual loans:

  • 6M SOFIBOR is +0,291

  • 6M EURIBOR is -0,238

  • 12M EURIBOR is - 0,113; these values shall be applied on individual loans, in compliance with The Methodology for reference rates on individual loans.

The Bank shall introduce as well as of May, 2nd, 2017 new interests rates on deposit and account agreements, contracted on and after this date fоr individuals and from March 30th, 2017 for business clients, while the current interest rates shall be applied for the existing savings contracts till the expiration of the facility maturity.

You can learn more about the new interest terms from the Interest Rate Bulletins published below or at our offices.

Interest rates bulletins on individual deposits and accounts:


Interest rates bulletins on business deposits and accounts: