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D Commerce Bank has a license to perform investment services and activities.


In its capacity as Investment Intermediary the Bank offers a wide variety of investment services and operations with financial instruments such as:

intermediary in trading with shares, bonds and other financial instruments;

individual portfolio management;

repurchase deals with securities;

custody and administration of financial instruments on behalf of a client;

investment consultancy;

other facilities. 

To be most useful we are bringing to your attention several documents concerning financial instruments, which will help you to explore in details their performance and understand the risk related to these instruments.

  1. General Terms applicable to contracts with Clients for investment services and activities provided by the Bank under the Markets in Financial Instruments Act (MiFIA)" - in Bulgarian only;

  2. General information about the Bank - in Bulgarian only;

  3. General description of Financial Instruments - in Bulgarian only;

  4. Policy for client orders execution of the Bank - in Bulgarian only;

  5. Information about clients’ classification - in Bulgarian only;

  6. Information about the venues for the transactions’ execution - in Bulgarian only;

  7. Conflict of Interest Policy - in Bulgarian only;

  8. The Bank’s tariff in its capacity as an investment intermediary - in Bulgarian only.

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Dear customers,

We inform you that as of November 1, 2007 the Market in Financial Directive is in force (MIFID), which aims to harmonise regulations, procedures and requirements relating to transactions in financial instruments within the community and ensure greater transparency through a new regulatory regime for investment services.

The requirements laid down in this Directive are reflected in Bulgarian Markets in financial instruments Act, which aims to ensure the protection of investors in financial instruments, through the creation of conditions for improving their knowledge of the markets in financial instruments.