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The information, provided in this website, must not be deemed as an offer, invitation or recommendation by “D Commerce Bank” AD to use products or services of the Bank, including purchase or sale of financial instruments or other investment deals.

“D Commerce Bank” AD does its best to elaborate this website and to ensure the reliability of the data in it, but it cannot in any way be responsible for the authenticy, the thouroughness or for the access to the information herein. The data and the opinions, expressed in this website, are provided by “D Commerce Bank” AD for personal and information purposes. “D Commerce Bank” AD is not responsible for damages, direct or indirect, that stem from the use of the information, provided in this website. For security reasons, we advise you to approach “D Commerce Bank” AD employees in order to receive trustworthy and up-to-date information about products or facilities, provided by the Bank.

“D Commerce Bank” AD is entitled to change the information in this website at any time, as well as to move or delete this site.

“D Commerce Bank” AD is not responsible for damages, direct or indirect, that are sustained as a result of the use or the access to this website.

The described products and facilities herein could be limited to a certain territory. “D Commerce Bank” AD is hereby entitled with the right to choose not to provide a certain product or service, when this could be a breach of the Bulgarian laws or any other applicable regulations.

“D Commerce Bank” AD does not revise any website, related to “D Commerce Bank” AD website, and does not confirm or is not responsible for the provided information in such website, as well as for the products or services, offered in such website.

A competent jurisdiction could enjoin anyone to obtain or access information in this website. The people, for whom this ban is valid because of their nationality, place of residence or permanent stay, must not use this website.

“D Commerce Bank” AD reserves the copyright upon the provided data in this website. Any use, distribution, change or recreation of it may be done only by the explicit consent of “D Commerce Bank” AD.