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International Maestro debit card with DDA chip (suspended issuance)

maestro_cardAre you seeking convenience, financial freedom and security for your money?
We are offering you and your authorized employees the International Debit card Maestro on your company’s current account.

And now it is more reliable than ever - with a protection chip technology. The integrated smart chip in D Bank’s MasterCard and Maestro cards is virtually impossible to be duplicated, as the client’s information is encrypted and engineered to be tamper resistant, guaranteeing maximum protection and security on a daily basis.
However, unlike the previous type of cards (magnetic striped), entering your PIN code is required, when paying at merchants with the chip ones.

Maestro allows you to:

Get 24-hour access to your funds by using more than 900 000 ATMs or cash advance devices in any bank office worldwide.

Purchase, by carrying no cash, at more than 32 million merchants (shops, hotels, restaurants, etc.) in this country or all over the world.

Using Maestro branded POS terminals.

Wherever you are, there is no need to get any cash or to exchange any money, as you can withdraw your funds in the relevant local currency.

Set transaction limits on the cards of your employees, who are involved with the administrative costs of the your company (for e.g. purchases of office materials, restaurants, drinks, fuel).

Ease your account reporting.

You can make online purchases through system.

You can transfer funds between your accounts through BORICA ATMs.


You get your Maestro debit card free,

You can get an overdraft facility, and

You get higher limits for your card transaction.

Your security with Maestro is:


You get a PIN code, known to you personally, which guarantees the security of your funds.

You can change your PIN code at any time via ATMs. You can check the balance of your account via BORICA ATMs, via the On-line banking of our Bank, or via an SMS.

You can control your card transfers by getting an SMS notice for any operations effected on your account.

You can control the funds on the additional cards by setting yourself their limits on them.

You can call on us in case of loss, blocking or larceny of your card on the Bank’s phone (+359 2) 46 41 171 from 8.30 a.m. till 5.00 p.m. during work days or on BORICA national operator's 24-hour phone (+359 2) 870 51 49.

What are Maestro facilities?

You are issued a new or renewed card free of charge.

No fees are charged for goods or facilities purchased abroad.

For whom is Maestro intended?
For you and your employees.
To take an advantage of our Maestro debit cards, please visit our nearest branch, and apply for it.

Documents (in Bulgarian):

Application from

General terms until 3rd Oct. 2015 (available in Bulgarian)

General terms as of 4th Oct., 2015 (available in Bulgarian)

Tariff (section ІV - available in Bulgarian)

Transaction limits

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