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Mortgages with 100% Funding


Looking for a new home? We offer you our mortgage loans with 100% funding for residential property, owned by the Bank!

Moreover, we grant you an exclusive offer - we shall reimburse you with up to 2% of your mortgage remainder for the first 5 years, provided that you regularly repay it during this period.

This is our bonus for those of you, who would correctly repay their housing loan, while  using the recovered funds of your choice.

The promotional terms are valid till December, 29th, 2017.

Your benefits:

You could take advantage of the following:
  • Our even more beneficial, one year fixed interest rate of only 4,55%* during the first twelve months of the loan life  and a variable annual rate* for the remaining period;
  • Transparent floating interest rates, based on 6M EURIBOR or 6M SOFIBOR indexes;
  • Identical interest rates for loans denominated both in BGN and EUR;
  • Choice of repayment terms in compliance with your preferences;

  • Reimbursing of up to 2% of the outstanding loan principal during the first five years. The bonus is calculated monthly on the loan outstanding principal to every past month and is paid out on your account on the maturity date of 61st monthly installment. In view of obtaining the 5-year bonus, the outstanding monthly installments are expected to be regularly repaid (with delays no longer than 30 days), and when not exceeding 10% of the partial pre-term repayment of loan during the five-year period of the bonus (see the quotation in Fees and commissions on loan) **.
  • a MasterCard credit card with a credit limit up to 5% of the loan amount, but no more than BGN 5 000.
  • no fees and under favorable price terms on the loan.

Features of  our  loans:
  • Purpose of the loan facility - purchase of a residential property, owned by the Bank;
  • Loan amount – our maximum mortgage is up to 100% of the purchase value, but no more than 85% of the value of the property subject to the deal, and depending on its type and location;
  • Repayment - up to 35 years;
  • Loan currency - BGN and EUR;
  • Rates:
  • Fixed interest rate during the first year, regardless of the type of the loan currency, of only 4.55%*, and
  • Variable rate for the remaining period (based on 6M SOFIBOR plus a margin for loans granted in BGN, or 6M EURIBOR plus a margin for loan in EUR), with a repayment schedule up to 35 years.
  • The rate will be increased with 1.0 percentage points for loans granted under the terms of limited liability up to the collateral amount, in compliance with the Consumer loan Act (art. 11, para 5).
  • The floating annual interest rate comprises a reference index (announced 6M SOFIBOR/6M EURIBOR, depending on the currency of the loan) plus a fixed spread specified in the loan contract. The fixed spread remains unchanged during the life time of the loan. The recalculation of the reference index is made on March 1st and Sept. 1st annually. The Bank may correct the current interest rate, when the cumulative fluctuations to the above dates exceed 0.50 p.p. incl.
*Note: the quoted rates are applicable if you transfer your salary to the Bank or 150% of the repayment amount, when issued a credit card and by making monthly payment of two utility services via the Bank.
The market indices for 6M EURIBOR and SOFIBOR are recalculated every six months, on 1st March and 1st September  annually. Their current values can be found in our Interest rates section
  • Collateral: a mortgage on the property subject to the deal;
  • Property insurance is obligatory for the real estate accepted as collateral;
  • Our Home mortgage refers to qualified and able individuals who live and/or work and have a constant proven income on the territory of Bulgaria. This loan is available under the same advantageous parameters to sailors as well.

Fees and charges:
  • a charge for evaluating documents - BGN 100;
  • no charge for pre-term repayment, when made after the period of the first 12 repayments of the loan;
  • when  the pre-term repayment is made during the repayment of the first 12 installments the charge will be 1 per cent;
  • charge for preliminary approval (in two days) BGN 20;
  • no charge to the Bank for registering the mortgage;
  • no charge to the Bank for preparing a draft notary deed for the collateral.


** The APR would be 4,84% for a loan amounting to BGN 80 000 of 300 months maturity, 4.55% fixed interest for the first year and a floating rate for the remaining period, formed by 6M SOFIBOR + margin and the fees due, then the total amount owed would be BGN 136 131,83 and the monthly payment of BGN 446,94.
The total cost of the loan includes the following fees: fee of BGN 100 for review and approval of the loan, BGN 2 per opening a current account, BGN 2 monthly fee maintenance of current account, service card account Maestro BGN 1,20 monthly, BGN 120 property evaluation fee, BGN 60 for preparation consent for deletion mortgage, BGN 60 renewal fee and registration of renewal of mortgage, BGN 36 annual credit card,BGN 0,30 monthly fee payment of 2 utilities.

The above APR does not include the cost of the mandatory annual Property insurance for the immovable property accepted as collateral and the amount of its assessment when applying for Our Home mortgage.

Example for reimbursed 2% interest on Our Home mortgage:
Loan Amount: BGN 80 000
Term: 300 months

Period (years)     :                1st year    2nd year    3rd year    4th year     5th year         Total
Interest rate bonus:            
0.40%      0.40%         0.40%       0.40%       0.40%      2.00%
Reimbursed interest (BGN): 
316.80      309.61        302.09       294.22       285.98  1 508.71

Note: This information is provided for illustrative purposes only. It does not constitute a contract. The results are based on current offered rates for Mortgages.

* The market indices for 6M EURIBOR and SOFIBOR are recalculated every six months, on 1st March and 1st September  annually. Their current values can be found in our Interest rates section

You can get more details about the residential properties, funded by the Bank, from  Assets for sale Menu.

Current information as of  May, 2017.