D Bank launches Periodic Transfers

D Bank launches Periodic Transfers service to offer quicker and easier management of funds and time to its clients, with no engagement of visiting a bank office every time to make a transaction and to remember dates or amounts for payments as they are predefined by the customer.

The service is available in four versions:

Fixed periodic transfers – periodically transfer a fixed, predefined amount of money
Push transfer (setting maximum account balance) - when the amount on the account exceeds the set by yourself limit, the extra money is transferred to another account
Pull transfer (setting minimum account balance)- when the amount on the account is below the limit set by you, the balance is added (withdrawn) from other D Bank accounts of yours
Covering a credit card instalment - automatically repay your credit card debt on the due date.

The bank also provides an additional option to receive a free SMS to a mobile phone of your choice, when a payment is unsuccessful.

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