Do you want to gain maximum profitability for your money? Then you can have our new deposit facility D Bank MAXI.

You deposit, you deposit, and finally ..... you prosper!

What are your advantages?

1. MAXImum profitable interest of 6,56%, 6,00% or  4,10% for the relevant one-year deposits in BGN, EUR or USD.

2. To deposit at your personal choice for a period from 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, by increasing to a MAXImum extent the profitability of your money depending on the amount, the period and the type of the currency.

3. To get the MAXImum,, contracted interest on the additionally deposited amounts.

4. To deposit additional amounts in your account:

with no limit on one and three-month deposits

until 90th day for six-month deposits

until 150th day for nine-month deposits

until 180th day for twelve-month deposits.

5. To draw on the maturity date with no charges.

6. To use your deposit as a collateral for other deals with D Bank.


A free D Bank debit card.

An option for getting an оverdraft  facility.

Terms: 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months

Currency: BGN, EUR or USD

The minimum amount for opening D Bank MAXI deposit is BGN 500, EUR 250 or USD 300.

Interest rate:

  1month 3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months
BGN 4,50% 5,00% 5,50% 5,95% 6,56%
EUR 4,15% 4,95% 5,05% 5,15% 6,00%
USD 2,30% 2,80% 3,30% 3,70% 4,10%

The interest сan be paid out at your choice by being capitalized to the deposited amount by the end of maturity or by transferring it to your current or saving account.

The interest on pre-term termination of your deposit shall be identical to the one accrues on payment accounts in the relevant currency.

How much it will cost you?
You shall be charged in compliance with the Bank’s Tariff.
Who can avail of D Bank MAXI?
Any local or foreign adult individual.
Documents required: your personal ID document for opening and management of the account, аnd for authorized persons notary registered proxy.
By depositing in D Bank MAXI, you can get the MAXImum profitability from your savings!  

The quoted interest rates are in force till 10th May 2012.

For further reference you may visit the relevant client's menu or the Interest rates bulletin.

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