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The shareholders' capital of D Commerce Bank AD amounts to BGN 75 mio, representing 75 000 shares, each with nominal value of BGN 1 000. On 20th October 2006 the Bank was acquired by Mr. Fuat Güven, and since April 29th, 2014, following the capital increase, Fortera Ltd. has been recorded as a new stockholder with a share over 33% of the capital.

Through his commercial companies Mr. Fuat Güven participates in various business sectors in Turkey,

Bulgaria and Russia, some of which are as follows:

  • ELKABEL LTD. (95.22 %) with major activity production of cables for all sectors of economy. The company operates on the Bulgarian market, with the National Electric Company, the Bulgarian Telecommunication Company, and mine enterprises, being among its major clients, while for overseas markets the company exports its products to more than 25 countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.
  • EMELDA DERI VE TEKSTIL SANAYI DIS TICARET LTD. (97,5 %) The company is producer of all kind of leather products, treatment of raw leather, import of chemical products for the leather industry, leather clothes and accessories production, retail and corporate trade in the Republic of Turkey and abroad with leather articles, semi-finished materials and accessories, export of production to Europe (Germany, France, Greece), to USA, Canada, Ukraine, Russia as well and other countries.
  • ALFA DERI KONFEKSYON TURIZIM VE DIS TICARET A.S. (67%) operates in the sectors of tourism and real estate trade.
  • BETA TURISTIK TESIS ISLETMECILIGI LTD. (95 %) deals with the marketing and the management of the holiday resort SIMENA HOLIDAY RESORT & SPA-ANTALYA.
  • SIMENA HOLIDAY RESORT & SPA-ANTALYA is a recreation center zoned for summerhouses that owns 1100 beds and has five-star tourist category.
  • INTER KIM PETROL VE PETROKIMYA URUNLERI DIS TICARET LTD. (51 %) produces goods in the sphere of chemistry industry.
  • PLAS KIM PETROL VE PETROKIMYA URUNLERI DIS TICARET (75 %) exports and deals with wholesale trade of plastic raw material, and it basically imports polythene and polypropylene.
  • AIDATUR (95 %) operates in the area of tourism, hotel managing, restaurant managing, foreign exchange trade, tour operating activity, international transport and other commercial activities.
  • FREGAT LTD., Russia deals with wholesale and retail trade with leather garments, accessories and semi-finished materials.
  • FUEL TRADE in the towns of Vidin, Russe, and Svilengrad.
  • SIX WATER-ELECTRICITY POWER STATIONS AND TWO CASCADES for electricity energy production, most of which are situated in North Bulgaria.