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Why D Commerce Bank
Corporate Environment and Teamwork

D Commerce Bank is a professional organisation consisting of staff members each carrying out an important role, complementing or supporting one another. While performing their individual duties, staff members always remember that they are part of DCB team which has its common values and culture, a common objective for success and for being the best in the banking business. Support, assistance, co-operation, communication and harmony amongst the team members are crucial for achieving our common goals.

Staff Training and Development

DCB strongly supports and believes that continuous emphasis must be placed on the training and personal development of staff members, contributing to the overall growth of the Bank.
Through the various methods of training, such as coaching, on-the-job training, rotation, formal courses, Bank management ensures that staff can cope effectively with the developments and changes in the banking and business environment.

Performance Evaluation

Performance appraisal system is one of the primary tools of DCB for the development and advancement of its people. The system also allows the Bank management to objectively evaluate, recognise, and reward staff members for their superior performance.


DCB encourages and supports its staff members' advancement within the organisation.
The Bank management will promote from within the Bank wherever possible so as to recognise and reward superior performance as well as to ensure a career development path for the staff.