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Forward on-lending Program
We are expanding our support for your business by providing low-interest funding with investment and working capital loans korporate_kreditiunder Forward on-lending Program in partnership with the Bulgarian Development Bank.

The program is structured to finance micro, small and medium-sized businesses in this country under preferential lending terms to support economic development, new jobs opening and investments in areas with high unemployment rate.

  • attractive interest rates,
  • no management fee,
  • no annual fee for servicing the loan, and
  • reduced collateral requirements.

  • an opportunity for financing projects under operational programs
  • for purchasing of raw materials and other current assets,
  • financing current expenditures,
  • purchase of machinery, equipment and vehicles, and
  • purchase, repair and construction of a business/industrial premises.

  • newly granted working capital and investment loans,
  • loans with monthly installments, credit lines and overdrafts,
  • maturity - 10 years,
  • currency - BGN or EUR,
  • repayment - depending on the type of loan: with declining instalments, individual repayment plan automatically, with receipts on current account of the borrower and others in agreement with the Bank
  • collateral - all collateral acceptable to the Bank

Online loan application  (available in Bulgarian)

You might further information and expert advice about Forward program from our offices.