Cash management


Specially designed to meet all your needs and requirements - current, accumulative and escrow accounts.

Current account is a company account that provides you with access to the full range of banking products and services specifically designed to meet all your needs and requirements.



  •  Easy access to information about your accounts through electronic banking or in the entire branch network of the Bank.
  • Convenience and security in your daily operations

Your current account allows you to:

  • Have access to the funds deposited in the account
  • Perform the following operations:


  • deposit in cash
  • transfer of salaries of employees to their accounts
  • cash withdrawal
  • transfer of amounts on term deposits
  • ordering transfers in the country and abroad
  • receiving tranfers from the country and from abroad
  • make utility payments
  • repay installments on loans, etc.

Accumulative account is an account for companies in the process of establishment in the cases when it is necessary to raise funds for the authorized capital of a newly established company.


In the case of an ESCROW special purpose account, the Bank guarantees that the funds are spent in strict and full compliance with the terms of the transaction. D Commerce Bank AD undertakes to ensure that the funds deposited by the negotiating parties are properly disposed of in accordance with pre-agreed conditions.

They are mainly used for:

  • real estate purchase transactions
  • land transactions
  • services provided
  • purchase of movable property
  • purchase or sale of company shares