EU programmes

Guarantee scheme NGF - RDP

Investment loans and working capital loans under the Agreement for issuing guarantees from the National Guarantee Fund to supplement the collateral of enterprises approved for support under the RDP (2014-2020)


    • Simplified collateral requirements
    • Facilitated access to finance
    • Risk sharing mechanism
Percentage of guarantee coverage - up to 50% of the loan amount included in the guaranteed portfolio. Maximum amount of the loan for the borrower and the persons related to him - up to BGN 6,000,000 with a 50% guarantee from NGF

Investment loans, working capital loans and bank guarantees under the Guarantee Scheme for enterprises approved for support under the RDP, as well as enterprises from the Livestock and Crops sectors.

Loans that are guaranteed under the scheme - for investments, working capital, bank guarantees, including advance payments, VAT payment, etc.

Agricultural producers with approved projects under the RDP and enterprises from the sectors Livestock and Crops - micro, small and medium enterprises within the meaning of the SME Act, registered in Bulgaria.