Investement services

D Commerce Bank AD has a license to perform investment services and activities in its capacity of investment intermediary (broker). The Bank offers a wide variety of investment services and activities with various financial instruments:

  • broker services in transactions with shares, bonds and other financial instruments;
  • individual portfolio management;
  • repo deals;
  • storage and administration of financial instruments at the expense of a client;
  • investment consultations;
  • others.

In order to be of maximum value, we offer you the following documents, and we advise you to pay special attention to the information about the financial instruments, where you will get acquainted in more detail with their characteristics and the risk they carry.

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The MiFID II / MiFIR package

Dear clients,

As of 3 January 2018, the requirements of the new European legal framework in the field of financial markets - Directive 2014/65 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council and Regulation № 600/2014 of the EP and of the Council on financial markets - are in force (MiFID II / MiFIR package). In the process of regulating the activities for the provision of investment services and activities related to financial instruments, technical standards have been developed to ensure harmonized application of the requirements of the MiFID II / MiFIR package throughout the European Union (EU). These standards have been prepared by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and approved by the European Commission. The primary objective of the legislative changes is to strengthen the integration, competitiveness, efficiency and integrity of the financial markets located in the EU and to ensure a high level of investor protection. In connection with the implementation of the provisions at national level, a new Law on Markets in Financial Instruments (MFIA) and new by-laws of the Financial Supervision Commission have been adopted, which further develop and upgrade the existing requirements for the organization of investment intermediaries, including to their relations with clients.


Dear clients,

In the operations of D Commerce Bank AD in its capacity of investment intermediary (broker) we strive for our clients to get the best possible result when executing orders on their behalf. In accordance with the requirements of MFIA and the European regulatory framework MiFID II, in operations as an investment intermediary, D Commerce Bank acts in the best interest of its clients in the execution of their orders and constantly monitors compliance with the requirements of of the law. One of the important requirements is to allow customers to make informed choices about the execution venues by publishing annual reports in accordance with Delegated Regulation 576/2017 (RTA 28)