With an overdraft on a card account, you can repeatedly exceed the available balance on your account up to a predetermined limit.



  • Easy access to additional funds in case of temporary lack of money
  • Get a chance for flexible management of your finances
  • ay interest only on the utilized amount of the loan
  • Favorable and transparent interest rates with a fixed interest rate
  • Simplified loan disbursement procedure


  • icon calendarTerm - Up to 24 months, renewable  
  • icon searchCollateral - pledge on salary, pension or  accounts in the Bank
  • icon percentFixed interest for the entire term of the overdraft, as the interest is due monthly on each maturity date and is accrued daily on the amount actually used
  • icon coinsMaximum amount - depending on your officially proven, average monthly net income for the last 6 months - up to three salaries / up to one pension
  • icon docRepayment - automatically upon receipt of amounts on your account