Consumer loans

Consumer loan

If you are planning to refurbish your home, buy a new car, fulfill your dream of a long-awaited vacation - our consumer loan is the answer

Currency: BGN / EUR
Maximum term: 120 months
Maximum amount: 40 000 BGN
Interest from 5%

The interest rate is as follows:

- from 5% for loans in BGN and EUR with salary transfer to the Bank and monthly income over BGN 1100. The interest is formed by Applicable Index for Individuals + margin.

Example: Loan amount BGN 15,000, collateralized with salary transfer and guarantor, interest rate 5%, repayment period 60 months with annuity / flat installments, GPR is 6.98%, including approval fee1% of the amount of credit, annual fee for MasterCard credit card BGN 42 and monthly fee for Allegro package BGN 5.95. The total amount paid at the end of the period will be BGN 17,701.11 and the monthly installment BGN 283.07.



  • New favorable interest rates
  • Preferential interest conditions for salary transfer
  • No fee for early repayment
  • Quick and easy loan application procedure