VIP deposit

Get an interest of up to 0.55% on your money

Currency: BGN / EUR
Term: 6 and 12 months
Interest up to: 0.55% for 12 month deposit in BGN/EUR


Your advantages:

  • Choose a deposit term of 6 or 12 months, depending on your plans
  • Add monthly funds to the amount of the initial amount with which the deposit was opened to receive the same high interest rate
  • Track your savings through D Bank Online
  • Use your deposit as collateral for a loan


  • icon calendarTerm - 6/12 months
  • icon percentInterest rate up to 0.55% * (for deposit in BGN and EUR for 12 months)
  • icon coinsCurrency -  BGN/EUR
  • icon docOption to add funds up to the amount of the initially registered deposit at any time under the same interest conditions

* More information about our new interest rates on fixed-term deposits, deposits and accounts can be obtained from the Bank's Interest Rate Bulletin for individual clients, online or from our offices. Basic information on deposit protection is available from the Depositors' Newsletter.

Your savings in D Commerce Bank AD in the amount of up to BGN 196,000 are guaranteed by the Bank Deposit Insurance Fund, according to the Bank Deposit Insurance Act.