Demand deposits and current accounts

Saving account

If you want to save and get a good interest rate without limiting yourself to withdrawals and deposits, then our savings accounts are your choice.


Your advantages:

  • To withdraw and top up unlimited amounts
  • To order and receive transfers without restriction
  • To track your savings through D Bank Online
  • To use your deposit as collateral for a loan


  • icon calendarNo time limits           
  • icon percentDaily accrual of interest and payment at the end of the calendar year, the amount of interest being determined according to the daily balance of the deposit
  • icon coinsCurrency - BGN, EUR and USD

More information about our interest rates on fixed-term deposits, deposits and accounts can be obtained from the Bank's Interest Rate Bulletin for individual clients.

Additional information on fees for the use of basic services related to a savings account can be found in the Document with information on fees

Your savings in D Commerce Bank AD in the amount of up to BGN 196,000 are guaranteed by the Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund, according to the Law on Bank Deposit Guarantee.