Consumer loans

Consumer loan with mortgage

For any of your plans

If you need a bigger loan amount at a favorable interest rate and a longer repayment period secured by real estate, then our consumer loan with mortgage is your solution.

Currency BGN / EUR
Maximum term 240 months
Maximum amount 1 000 000 BGN
Interest from 2,90%



  • Longer repayment period (up to 20 years)
  • Transparent and favorable interest rates 
  • Favorable interest rates for salary transfer to the Bank, use of MasterCard Standard credit card and Allegro or Moderato package
  • Simplified procedure for loan disbursement


  • icon calendarrepaiment period - 5 to 20 years. Currency - BGN and EUR
  • icon searchCollateral - mortgage on fully built residential or non-residential properties with Act 16
  • icon percentFloating interest rate of 2.90%, based on Applicable Index for Individuals and margin, with Allegro package included
  • icon coinsLoan amount: up to BGN 1,000,000 / EUR 500,000 (up to 75% of the value of the mortgaged property)
  • icon docRepayment - with annuities or decreasing monthly installments

* The market indices for Applicable Index for Individuals change every six months (on March 1st and September 1st) - their current values ​​are available at the Bank's Interest Rate Bulletin.

In case of limited liability loans, up to the amount of the collateral, according to the Consumer Credit Act (Art. 11, para 5), ​​the annual interest rates are increased by 1%.

Example: For a loan of BGN 100,000 for a period of 20 years, with full liability, the interest rate is 2.90%. The payment is in equal annuity monthly installments in the amount of BGN 549.60, upon transfer of salary or 150% of the monthly installment to a card account with Debit MasterCard. The APR will amount to 3.17%, and the total amount due will be BGN 134,513.20. The included fees for the loan are: examination and approval fee - BGN 100, monthly fee for Allegro package - BGN 5.95, assessment fee of the property - BGN 120, fee of the Bank for preparation of consent for cancellation of a mortgage - BGN 60, fee of the Bank for renewal and registration renewal of a mortgage BGN 60, annual fee for servicing a credit card BGN 42.

More information about this type of loan-  at any of the Bank's offices or from general information about the offered mortgage loans.