Consumer loans

Consumer loan Consolidation

When you have several loans, credit cards, lease payments and / or you have purchased goods on installment and you want to repay them easily and conveniently, reducing your costs, then our consumer loan Consolidation is your solution

Currency BGN / EUR
Maximum term 120 months
Maximum amount 40 000 BGN
Interest from: 5%



  • Combine your loans from other banks or financial institutions into one
  • You reduce your costs and pay only one smaller monthly installment
  • Save time and effort - easy and convenient
  • Use more favorable interest rates and pay lower monthly installments
  • Get an additional amount for current needs at your request 


  • icon calendarUp to 120 months
  • icon searchLoan for consolidation of liabilities with the possibility to use at your choice an additional amount for current needs (up to 50% of the loan amount)
  • icon percentTransparent and favorable interest rates formed by Applicable Index for Individuals plus margin
  • icon coinsWithout a guarantor - up to BGN 20,000                                                 With a guarantor - up to BGN 40,000                                                       in BGN or EUR
  • icon docCollateral - salary transfer, transfer of 150% of the monthly repayment installment on the loan or guarantor
  • Lower interest rates when using Moderato, Allegro or Online package program and activating a MasterCard credit card


Remaining liabilityMonthly installment

Stock credit

Credit card

Consumer loan


2 600,00

3 450,00

12 000,00

18 050,00






Consumer loan


18 050,00228,51
Monthly installment difference -383,93

* The values ​ in the example are calculated under the following assumptions:

Consumer loan in the amount of BGN 12,000, for a period of 60 months, with a remaining repayment period of 46 months and an interest rate of 13.00%. Minimum monthly payment of a credit card in the amount of 3% of the obligation. Stock credit  in the amount of BGN 2,600, for a period of 12 months, with a reaming repayment period of 7 months and an interest rate of 16%.

** APR is 6.39% - 5% floating interest, loan amount BGN 18,050 for a period of 96 months, including fee for research and approval in the amount of 0.50 %, salary transfer, annual fee for MasterCard credit card BGN 42 and monthly fee for Allegro package BGN 5.95. The total amount due is BGN 23,024.81, with a monthly installment of BGN 228.51.