Cash management


D Bank offers to its corporate clients installation of POS and ATM devices

What is a POS terminal?

The POS terminal (Point Of Sale / Service) is a device that allows merchants to accept payments by debit and / or credit cards. The POS terminal performs electronic transfer of funds from the clients' cards to the merchant's account. It is installed on the territory of the commercial site in the customer service area. It is necessary to have a telephone line (which is occupied only during the transaction) and electricity. As an alternative, our bank offers you mobile POS terminals that use GSM / GPRS communication.



  • Helps boost sales - statistics show that when paying for purchases using cards, the customer is willing to spend more money.
  • Most common local and international card brands are accepted: BORICA, VISA, VISA Electron, V PAY, MasterCard and Maestro.
  • Saves cash counting by eliminating the physical cash counting and paperwork when collecting or depositing cash in the bank.
  • Guaranteed payment due to the inclusion of the Bank as a party in the payment process.
  • Sales reporting is guaranteed by receiving reports from the bank (or through internet banking).