Online Deposit

Open an online deposit in D Bank quickly and conveniently through a short online process, in just a few minutes.

With favorable interest rates up to 1.75% and a term of up to 24 months

Currency: BGN and EUR
Term: 6, 12 and 24 months
Annual interest up to: 1.75% for a 24-month deposit in BGN and EUR



  • Minimum amount for opening: BGN 2,000 or EUR 1,000;
  • Free of charge opening, maintenance and closing of the deposit account;
  • Term: 6, 12 and 24 months;
  • Maximum allowable amount of one deposit: BGN 200,000 or EUR 100,000;
  • Recharge: The initial recharge of the deposit can be done by transfer only from your account in another bank in Bulgaria or EU. You can top up the deposit within 10 calendar days of its opening, through one or more transfers from other banks. When supplying with a second and subsequent transfer, the funds can be ordered not only from your account;
  • The total amount of the deposit is the availability on your deposit account at the end of the 10th calendar day from its opening;
  • Conditions for top-up: A monthly top-up of an amount not exceeding the Total amount of the deposit at its initial opening is allowed. Top-up is made by transfer from an account in another bank;
  • Renewal: The deposit is automatically renewed for the same period equal to the term of the agreed deposit, at the interest rate and conditions applicable to this type of deposit as of the date of renewal;
  • Closing: The deposit is closed by transferring the total amount through online banking to the client's payment account in D Bank.


  • icon calendarYou will receive ACTIVE access to the remote banking service D Bank Online without visiting the bank.
  • icon searchAt maturity, your deposit is automatically renewed for the same period.
  • icon percentOpportunity to open a debit card with a payment account through D Bank Online.
  • icon searchYou can make transfers, pay utility bills or open new deposit products directly through your D Bank Online account.

How do I open my Online Deposit for the first time?

For new clients, as well as for existing clients without access to the remote banking platform of D Bank, the first deposit can be opened by online application, through the specially created page

For current clients of the Bank, who already have active access to D Bank Online, the deposit can be opened directly through their account in D Bank Online

*More information about our new interest rates on deposits and accounts can be obtained from the Bank's Interest Rate Bulletin for individual clients and preliminary information about one-time payment services, online or from our offices. Basic information on deposit protection is available from the Depositors' Newsletter.

Your savings in D Commerce Bank AD in the amount of up to BGN 196,000 are guaranteed by the Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund, according to the Law on Bank Deposit Guarantee.