Notification for changes

Dear clients,
We hereby inform you that:
  1. As of 01.01.2023, changes to the General Terms and Conditions for issuing and using international debit cards/microcards Debit Mastercard/Mastercard Standard/Debit Mastercard Standard Business/Mastercard Business come into force. The new general terms and conditions regulate an additional service for the customers of D Commerce Bank AD with debit and credit cards issued by the Bank and having active rights in D Bank Online.
  2. As of 01.11.2022, the Bank introduces an additional service for its customers who have active rights for D Bank Online and debit/credit cards issued by the Bank. It is now allowed to send a free message through D Bank Online to declare the issuance of a temporary static password, if the customer needs a new temporary static password for the MasterCard ID Check service. The message should contain information about the type of card, as well as the last 4 digits of the card number. The service is available to customers who use the D Bank Online online banking service with active rights and is being tested in a production environment. The sent free message will be processed by the customer service office, within the working hours of the Bank.